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  1. mj_355

    kubota rtv 500

    Im having trouble finding a used diesel utv in my price range. I did come across a 08 kubota rtv 500. Are they decent? If I go look at it an test run it what are some items to look (watch out for)?
  2. mj_355

    diesel utv what make and model

    im a IH man so no deere for me
  3. Im new to utv units. I would like thoughts and ideas on which diesel utv does best. I was kinda checking out kubota units and there arent many used units and they are very pricey. Is kubota best units?
  4. mj_355

    diesel utv

    What about the polaris ranger with diesel? Are they decent?
  5. mj_355

    diesel utv

    Im new to the side by side thing. I have been into atvs for a long time. Right now all I have is a 2-stroke yamaha golf cart with a 6 inch lift. Im looking into a side by side cause im feed up with getting stuck and not having the pulling ability. I dont know which one to get. I want a diesel 4x4. It would only have to be a 2 person unit. It would be used around the farm. Is there a lift kit for them? Which one do yall suggest??? Definatly diesel!!! I love diesel power. Im currently installing a 12v cummins into my 1999 f-250 ford super duty with a 5.4 gasser. A few years ago I built a suzuki samuri. It has a d-50 dodge diesel, 4 link suspension in back, roll cage, jeep cherokee axles, fully hydro steering, and 33" tsl boggers.