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  2. Solidworks, but i have used all the others. We build frac equipment at work so i have access to all the fab stuff.
  3. I tried searching for this and looking through the manual before I posted. I can't seem to figure out how to disconnect the cable from the pin coming out of the differential. I need to disconnect it to install the U shaped bracket that bolts to the diff that the cable goes through for the locker. My rear didnt have anything there. BTW i modeled up and did a drawing on the bracket based off the the front. If yall have a bracket that everyone could use, I can model it up, do a drawing and anyone could take it to a local welding shop and have it made. See attached bracket.
  4. The problem I have is I dont trust any of the electrical right now. I have a 20amp fuse plugged into every fuse location and I know that is wrong. I think the relays could be incorrect also. That is why I was hoping someone could give me part numbers. I attached a picture of what I pulled from the manual online. Everything in red is what I am hoping you can help me with. I filled in a few guesses on what the fuse could be based on the color but I was hoping to get some clarification. Thanks I am trying to figure out how to attach the picture so hopefully it will show up soon.
  5. I am trying to make my way through a lot of this information. I am trying to tackle the electrical and move on to the rest. Any help with the relay part numbers and locations? I already fixed my 4wd, roof lights, and winch by just moving a relay from one location to another. BTW I would like to see a picture of your supercharger setup. I have read about it but havent seen any pictures. Thanks
  6. I found this forum trying to find any info I could on these things. I never heard of a Joyner, but I got a hell of deal on buying a 2010 T2 Trooper. It has a lot of problems and I am trying to work through everything. If you have a writeup or could even grab a part number off yours it would be extremely helpful. I have a rats nest of wiring to figure out. 1. Engine Idle-Starting it cold it will not idle. I have to hed down the gas for about 1-2 minutes and slowing bring it down to get an idle. 2. Dies when you push in the clutch when running high rpms-If i keep shifts slow and below 3K it will keep going, but if I run it up and then try and put the clutch in it will die. 3. Relays and fuses- I have spots where there should be relays and fuses and there is nothing. I need a part number for all the relays and the location that they should be plugged in. The manual doesnt call out anythign on the relay sizes. I think I can get all the fuse sizes from the manual. I should have this figured out tomorrow. 4. Fan control-The fan and headlights were wired into the turn signal switch. How does the utv handle the fan? Is it controlled by the computer to turn on at a certain temp? 5. Temp sensor doesnt work-This might be why the fan was wired into a switch. Need info on how to fix. 6. Fuel gauge doesnt work-Anything on this would be helpful. 7. Front and rear locker adjustment-If I could get pictures on the rear that would be helpful. The front looks right, but doesnt lock. The rear is missing the bracket that the front locker had going into the diff that located the cable and probably allowed adjustment. 8. Clutch-The sweet spot is at the very end of the pedal, almost where you would remove your foot from it. The sweet spot is also very small. Is your clutch like this or is there some adjustment that needs to be made. It also doesnt feel firm enough. Any input here would help. 9. Brakes-They dont work great. It stops the utv but it isnt very fast. 10. Lights- I would like to know what each switch should control and what plugs they go to. All I have is the roof rack lights working. The other switches do nothing and there are no more lights to turn on. I appreciate any advice and help you can give. This thing is a blast but I really would like to get it up and reliable before I start doing serious trail riding. Thanks

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