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  1. Hey I seemed to have gotten the issue resolved. It has been good for about 6 months now. I ended up pulling the complete motor out of it and pulled the oil pan off and found that one of the cylinders had a bent connecting rod.. I pulled the head off and pulled the rod and piston out and bought a new one for a 100 bucks and reused my bearings and put it back together with a new head gasket and it runs great. The reasoning behind it was when it got tipped over the oil got on top of the pistons. By trying to start it it bent the connecting rod so the piston was no longer able to cone to the top o
  2. So I got it all back together and still the same thing. I put a new injector in that cylinder as well. When running if i loosen the injector line to that cylinder it goes to running better and not missing on that cylinder anymore.. Im leaning towards it being something wrong with the injector pump again
  3. ok well I checked the fuel pressure and it was squirting out well with great pressure.. I was going to do a compression test and did not have an adapter big enough for the hole to thread in. So I ended up pulling the head off and on that same cylinder.. the exhaust valve had all sorts of burnt oil caked to it on the face and on the back side. I pulled the valve and wire brushed it. There were no burnt or bent valves. The pistons also had all that oil caked to them as a result from laying on its side.. I will find out tomorrow if this cures it when I get the new head gasket.
  4. Hi I'm new to your site. I work for a place that has 5 diesel Kawasaki mules. We have had great luck with them until one of our crew members tipped over a 2012 mule one day. Ever since then it has been blowing unburned diesel smoke out the exhaust and fuming up the shop. It starts up and hits on all 3 cylinders for about 10 seconds then starts missing on the number one cylinder. I have replaced all 3 injectors and have replaced fuel filter and put injector cleaner through it. It has a lot less power than the others and finally will clear up and quit smoking for the most part when fully warmed

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