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  2. The days of going off-road without being hampered by rules are coming to an end thanks to some careless idiots. Report in Calgary newspaper about new regulations coming. http://www.calgarysun.com/news/columnists/...184321-sun.html Actually on first reading doesn't sound all that bad
  3. Just came across this. It's full of stuff that I absolutely NEED, But I have to get bigger garage first http://www.racingjunk.com/
  4. We have a new dealer in Calgary ... so nosey me went to check them out. They have 3 news T2s, outside in the snow.... I had a quick look. 1) New two colour seats......... not sure if its just covering or new design, looked good. 2) The seat belts appear to be upgraded or changed. 3) New dash with a shelf (boxy thing) in front of passenger. 4) Switches have been moved up to the center of the dash. Just a quick look for now , If I can come up with $12.00 for admission + $12.00 for parking + $7.00 for burger + $3.00 for Coke I may go to the Outdoor Show for a closer look, as well a
  5. (Second try at reply.... a poet yet) Mudslinger Motorsport in north central Alberta had a R2 with a snow plow last winter... http://www.mudslinger.ca/
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    Headless Driver 10/31/2008

    Pics of My T2 @ Haloween

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