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  1. Russ


  2. What would be the cost on this system, do you have a rough estimate?
  3. if the contacts in the solenoid are dirty or corroded, the starter will not work. I had a trooper that the starter would do nothing but click but if you turned the key and held it and had someone cross the post's it would start. Also if the battery is down some,the plunger in the solenoid will not hit hard enough to make a good contact. has it been in water?
  4. I have had the a time when a trooper wouldnt start, but you could here the solenoid clicking. If the battery falls below 12 v it sometimes does not have enough juice to pull the magnetic plunger hard enough to complete the circut to the starter. I would make sure the wires are clean and tight on the starter and that you have a fully charged battery. I have only had one heat up if the fan quits running and we run in muddy timber, I have found on 2 units, the plug for the fan was not geting a good conection. When you would turn the key on the fan would work but as you drove it sometimes it w
  5. If you need a part, I should be able to order it and have it go straight to you, otherwise I would have to get it, then mail it to you.
  6. I cant tell you exact but they are mabe 3/16".
  7. There is a allen screw below the fill plug, when it runs out of it the diff is full
  8. I dont blame you for being upset and I agree with you. At the same time I think things will get better and even though we are in MO I would be glad to help you or anyone else any way that I can. You can PM me here, email me at [email protected], or call me at 573-478-3203. Rusty. By the way, I can get your parts ordered and get them shipped straight to you from the factory.
  9. I do think that Joyner is going in the right direction and I think that they some of the best ideas out there for sidexsides. I also know that they are very busy but they have still helped us out when I have called my rep on a Sat. night and that means alot to us. Everything that we have had an issue with, they have helped us and gotten on it very fast.
  10. I think that the best thing would be if someone could find double piston calipers that would bolt on, it would be worth the $ to switch them out.
  11. I think that the 20hp increase should make it drive like it did with 27" tires when you have 30" on it. But I agree, I would like to see a increase in the torque and I would like to talk with someone that has drove one around and can give a good description, the same with a turbo. I do value the opinions that I get off of this site and I am glad to get the responses from all of you. Thanks, Rusty
  12. I think that it looks very good. How much did you end up spending on it if you dont mind me asking?
  13. I can get you in touch with a guy that makes them if you want. I will have to dig through my papers and find his number.
  14. Have you drove a trooper with the turbo?
  15. Any info on the headers, chip, or turbo that anyone can give me, I would like to hear. We did notice that the headers are made with each tube being different lengths, it would do some good to make some all the the same length for even flo and backpressure. As far as the chip being 900$, I don't think that is extreme, I know with 4-wheelers or any other sideXside you will put alot more than that in it to get 20hp. Although if it is going to have problems down the road I wouldnt want to mess with it. The guy that I talked to said that it kicks in at 1500rpm and that he has had no problems wi

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