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  2. Thanks for the replies. Reason number one is I really would prefer an automatic for the riding I do through mud and hills and whatever ealse I find so when and if the auto comes out from Joyner I bet it will be a pricey item and then I won't look so foolish. Secondly I just find the whole cherry unit a gutless finicky machine that is gonna need another starter soon (third one). Maybe I got a lemon but for me the idea was there just wasn't built properly. I can get a whole running car for under a thousand from my local wrecker possibly even a v6 from a Pontiac with direct port injection. Putti
  3. Ok, so here's my problem. My clutch is gone and for the price of a new one I could get a whole new motor and automatic tranny from a junk yard. The only thing is that when I mount a domestic engine and transaxle it is built opposite than the cherry so I am assuming that this will spin the drive shafts in the opposite direction too. So to remedy the unit going backwards when in drive I could flip the riffs over I have seen this done but not sure if they will be just as good. I can only find one issue of venting but that is easy to fix by plugging the hole and makin a new one. If any one has any
  4. I see you flipped the aluminum manifold but not the chrome tubes. did you look at flipping the whole thing back at the head? that is where i was looking at doing the flip and it seemd to me that the bolt pattern was reversible on the head but i could be wrong i never took it apart to try it. thanks for the pics.
  5. Hey Kinarfi, that looks good i had considered flipping the intake back when i got my unit new just never did it. did you flip the throttle body or was it not possible?
  6. I have been having the same problem with the click click start I've tried a bigger battery which helped some then finally a new starter which works most of the time until the battery is down below 12v. I would like to try your relay method but am kinda dense when it comes to the electrical end of things especially relays.
  7. I have had that exact same problem. but I cleaned mine by backing into a river and let the water clean the clutch. I have been thinking of a way to fix the issue too, but it involves pulling the motor and building a plate to seal the bell housing off. then I am going to put 2, 1.5 inch ports on the top of the bell house for circulating air. I talked to a guy at a clutch shop and he said that the turning of the clutch inside would make its own convection type air flow so a fan shouldn't be needed but if it doesn't work a fan can always be added. Kevin
  8. Dandelion Fuzz really made me mad. hah
  9. All I was trying to say is if the output is in the opposite direction as the cherry then you must turn the engine around and have the transmission at the back which may be difficult and quite uncomfortable having a engine as an arm rest.
  10. How are you going to mount the engine backwards? I wasn't worried about the trans axle slipping like you say you just open it up and weld it. or if you get the right engine with a lot of aftermarket parts for the drag racing like a Honda or whatever the kids are racing these days a possi kit may be available. Kevin
  11. one thing i was wondering about was rotation direction Im not sure but depending on what side of the donor car the engine is on would change the way the rotation is in the final drive. this could be a problem for us but what i was figuring is if the engine/tranny setup is the same orientation as ours we should be ok right? just something to chew on Kevin
  12. I was thinking a person could do it by using two shafts, one inside the other. this is the way all pto shafts are on farm equiptment and they work fine at high speeds. the tolerance between the two shafts are alot closer and are just a square or pentaganal shaft and once you grease it it takes up the slop if there was any. this should be easy to have built at any drive line shop. another thought about the steady bearing is that it keeps it from wobbeling in the tranmisson and maybe with that long of a unsupported shaft it may want to wobbel extra and snap the shaft in the tranny off like rocmo
  13. It would be nice to have a one piece shaft. has anyone watched it while driving? It wobbles erratically i assume because of the poorly fitted slip yoke.

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