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  2. Thanks for the info ,flipping the intake to reduce filter to throttle body length and to gain room in front of the radiator . Plan on installing oil cooler in front of radiator .A little worried about intake gasket availability and glad to here most have made there own gasket
  3. Hi to everyone ,and happy thanksgiving. I have a question about flipping the intake on my trooper .Are you able to reuse the intake gaskets? Or did you fabricate your own gaskets or order news ones .
  4. Hi , I believe that joyner system diagnostics are obd2 compliant,they should have standerized trouble codes . It would be pretty easy to wire up you can buy obd2 connector just need power,ground data line terminals added to the connector and use a generic code reader .With some research Iam sure we could find a laptop based program and cable lead to read actual data streams
  5. Awsome going to do mine this weekend
  6. Thanks for the info I'll recheck diff lock cable adjustment ,my clutch and brake pedals have a ton of movement in them . I don't have a lathe yet ,its on my tool wish list along with a protools tubing bender ,have about eveything else
  7. Hi all, just finished a ton of upgrades on the trooper . Front and rear differential upgrade kits ,snorkle, fabricated automotive style tanks straps (mounting tabs broken), steering gear loosiness fix (thanks Lenney), longer bolts for rear trailing arms and boxed in trailing arms ,installed rubber insulators on all skid plates (fixed 90% of all vibration rattles) , and installed muffler from a 885 Harely. Went riding in the Uintas for the weekend a noticed an intermittent bang noise on hard torque situations in 2wd only . Don"t know if it has been there all along and did'nt here it due to
  8. Another test you can perform that may help you isolate your compression problem is a cylinder leak-down test .If you have an air compressor and , If you are using a compression tester with a (screw-in hose) adaptor , you can usally clip your air hose from your air compressor onto the compression tester hose and apply air pressure into the cylinder .Making sure the engine is rotated so all 4 valves are closed (compression stroke) ,listen for air escaping (if it is coming from the intake you have a intake valve issue,if it is coming from the exhaust it is a exhaust valve issue, if no air is
  9. sorry fat fingered , compression values should increase with oil added verses a dry compression test id it is a ring problem it stays close to same may be a valve issue
  10. Hi I would do a wet compression test ,this will verify if it is worn leaking piston rings or a possible a valve issue .jusy add a little oil to the combustion
  11. thanks for the info guys
  12. Hi all I was wondering for all who have upgraded their differentials has anyone run into this issue. rear diff went t together perfectly ,Iam in the process of upgrading tthe front differential and I have run into a problem , the stub shaft (side shaft) on the hub side is not machined for a snap ring .Has anyone seen this and wondering what should I do any thoughts ?
  13. What Rocmoc said worring about crap non-servicable u-joints, was thinking about sending front drivline to 4x4 shop and having cv joints installed
  14. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has thought about or experienced the need to upgrade the front drivline assembly ?
  15. My trooper had the same concern this last ride, found the s terminal (small terminal) on starter solenoid was loose tightened terminal has'nt done it again keep my fingers crossed

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