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Reneagde Enclosure

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These are the photos of the aftermarket Renegade enclosure I told you about. The materials used are a better quality than stock and the design is more user friendly for those who want to take the whole enclosure off or on in a matter of minutes. This is probably of more importance to me because of where I live you can have all four seasons in one day. The plastic clears are very thick and the vision is up to glass quality. It has been stitched on the cover under tension to keep it nice and tight. The cover its self is PVC which I'm told lasts forever and the added bonus is cleaning up the mud is a breeze with its non-stick exterior. The photos don't really do it justice so I'll shoot down to the beach and take a couple of promo shots.

Cheers Mike.post-85-1242339446_thumb.jpgpost-85-1242339426_thumb.jpgpost-85-1242339476_thumb.jpgpost-85-1242339489_thumb.jpg

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OK, I went down to the boat ramp at the beach & what I just said above happened. Four seasons in one day. I left with the sun out for the beach (less than 1 km) and by the time I had the R2 off, it was raining. Took the shots anyway, got home (1 minute later) and what do you know, it was sunny again. Buggar! Anyway, at least you can see what it's like in the wet, and yes it was bone dry inside the enclosure.

Cheers Mike.


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NZD$800 which on today's exchange rate = USD$468.08 which is very reasonably but bare in mind New Zealand has a large Marine Industry with all related services because most areas are coastal so quality and price is very good. Areas like California and Florida would be the same I imagine. I would also envisage enclosures would be a major plus with the winter months you guys all seem to get whacked with. An enclosure like this and a heater unit that you can buy for the T2s & R2s through Team Joyner, you would be as snug as a bug in a rug when it's cold.

Cheers Mike

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