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Looking to Purchase 2008 Joyner Renegade


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My 08 T4 is a great machine too.
After my first mud hole in the thing, oh about 10 years ago, I added a splash shield under the hood so the back side of the dash would not get muddy.
My stock switches and gauges still work…As well as axles/cv’s. I have a spare axle but never needed it so far in 7k miles of Tennessee rocks and mud.
Had to beef up the rear trailing arms (I broke one off), replace the oil sender, and several rounds of SKF wheel bearings. Overall a great machine though.

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In 2014, they Renegade went to the 1100cc engine.  I don't know if the exta 300cc makes much of a difference in performance.  They have a manual transmission and clutch, much like a car.  You'll have to be proactive in managing power to the drive axles; not as easy to do on extremely hilly terrain, but is doable.  Some commented on quality issues in the early Joyner models but I can't confirm that.  I've never had any major issues with my machine.

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Hello from Canada….

I recently purchased a2008 Joyner R2, 800, but let me honest, i have not driven it as it is problematic atm. I have replaced injectors, pump, sensors, plugs wires, coils, etc. I have had it running roughly. I purchased it as my son had a joyner 650 sand spider i think, dam thing ran awesomely. His issue was youth, 5spd and drive axles, which leads me here,PARTS PARTS PARTS….where the heck do we get parts, prices, and availability. Currently mine has zero spark, gauges cycle, fan starts, fuel pump goes, just no spark🤬🤯I am trying to find insight, i really want this bush bashing work horse to run and be reliable. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance

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