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  1. It has a CVT which is like a gearless automatic. The engine and transmission is a Cfmoto 188 500cc. See http://www.cfmoto-us.com/html/Product_item...lassname=Engine The CVT uses a belt and the rest of the power transmission is via shaft and gears. More info on the mini jeep is at http://www.ytkart.com/sdp/237367/4/pd-1043...264-523224.html
  2. Very neat job. I assume that you built that rig but is it based on an existing ATV/UTV trailer? Thanks, Vince
  3. Hello, I am a new member who winters in South West Florida (Fort Myers) and spends the summer in the mountains of Western North Caroina (Robbinsvile). I have a Kawasaki Mule 550 that I use as a do all vehicle out at a small ranch we have here in Florida. When I bought it years ago, I figured that it would just be a toy but boy was I wrong. It has over 600 hours on it and still going strong. I also have a Land Pride Treker UTV model 4220ST which I use in the mountains of NC. It's great for chores and riding the logging roads. My latest addition is a mini jeep (XY XUV-4)that I importe

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