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  2. Has anyone tried using rzr 800 rear shocks for the front they are not a 1/2" shorter but don't think they would have a stiff enough spring, I've been playing with the idea of using shocks from a dirt bike if I can find one with the right length and close to decent spring rate cause it's a lot cheaper
  3. Ok thanks I'm looking in to all options even building new mounts to use a completely custom set up I'm kind of a jimmy rigger to make whatever work :-)
  4. hey fellow gear heads im a new guy to the art of owning a joyner, had it for a while now but haveing issues with things purly because im sure the springs are so hard that its rattling to death. ive been reading a lot about this and im in the same boat, i have to change the suspension asap and im not looking to spend much either but those air shocks sound like a good replacemnt if the do well for hard pack and rough terrain where did you find the right fornts ansd rears for yours charlie ???

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