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  1. Update: I thought if I just let the fuel keep flowing it would stop, and it did, just to let anyone else with this problem know, I just removed the filter, and put a bucket for it to run in, and eventually it stopped.
  2. Do they make a kit for it, this unit has very low hours, and its just gummed up, I will take it apart to see if I can clean it, but I need to know about the availability of gaskets, and do I take it off the intake manifold, or pull the intake manifold, which seems to be a lot easier. I do not have the money to buy a new Carb, a $150 would take a year to save up, I am a Disabled Gulf War Vet living off Disability, I just want this to get around my property, and go down to the river near by.
  3. 2007 Joyner 650 Sand Spider, has carburetor leak out of intake after sitting for a long time, I was going to take it off the intake manifold, but found that nuts are real hard to get to, started to think I need to remove it with the intake manifold, but not sure about the gaskets, I do not have any, so this may turn into a problem I don't want, but the gas is just pouring out as fast as the fuel pump can pump it, I was hoping it would stop after a while, as if maybe the float was stuck, and that gas flow would free it up, but no such luck today, maybe tomorrow I will try it again, so my question is has anyone deal with this issue, and is there an easier way to fix this? Should I buy a gasket kit before starting this, do I take the carb apart and clean it, if so will I need a kit to put it back together? Not sure what carb is on here, besides the stock one, I have no manual that tells me what it is, XIANGLI UU276M CSHI0E GO4 is all I can find on it, and the letters are real funky, like they were written by hand with an electric scribe. Thanks

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