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  1. Its been really good. We put a lift kit, radio and new 30" tires on it. The bad is we have gone through 2 belts since we have had it. Looking into a new clutch kit and epi belt. Parts are hard to find so trying to look at spechs for can am to see if that will work. The windshield scratched all up when we put it in roof so think we will cut it to use it. Overall we love it. We are mud people so we do get stuck but it hangs with a teryx and Polaris and a lot let pricey and has more on it. Just had to find parts
  2. Is the windshield covered under warranty. The first time we tucked up windshield we could not get out and now it is scratched terribly down both sides from the screws. We just bought our dominator x 5 seated a month ago. Also when will there be lift kits available? I heard the rhino lift kits work but hate to buy and they don't work.
  3. I am looking for a lift kit for my 2015 odes dominator x 5 seated??? Any suggestions

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