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  1. Got my ranger back last night. Spent an hour riding on roads then through woods and fields. Changed between 2 and 4 wheel on and off with no problems. Maybe the wiring harness was the problem. I plan to spend a lot of time over the next couple weeks making sure it is fixed and not just patched. So far so good. Thanks for everyones help.
  2. The dealer has had my ranger for 2 weeks. Says they have replaced all 3 possible sensors and problem still exists. They are replacing wiring harness. Should be done next week. Some urgency!They are now sure this is problem.I don't think they have a clue. Next step is final attempt to talk to Polaris then BBB to find out options.
  3. I'm new to the forum and looking for help from anyone familiar with the Polaris Ranger XP 700. I have less than 5 hours on my UTV and haven't been able to ride more than 15 minutes without it shutting down and throwing code 21. Dealer said battery cable was lose but it still has same problem. Polaris says dealer must handle. Dealer says they cannot find anything wrong. Meanwhile I have had for 5 months and it doesn't work. Warranty is up next month. Maybe they will fix it when I have to pay. Pretty disgusted with the whole situation.

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