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  1. SuperMach

    SuperMach 2010 Hisun HS800UTV

    Thank you for the reply, yes i have this manual and it tells me nothing about what i need to know. I purchashed this unit with the engine blown up and removed. I have since done a full rebuild and re-installed the engine and have hooked up all the wiring with with the exception of the crank sensor and fuel pump power supply, there seems to be no where for these to plug in. I could really use a motor pic of a complete one so i can see if some of my harness is missing or where to go next.
  2. Hi everyone, i am a newby here and i need some help. I bought a basket case 2010 HS800UTV last month and have completed a full engine rebuild. I dropped the engine in yesterday and hooked up the wiring harness but i have no clue where to plug in the crank sensor or the fuel pump power wire so i am getting no spark or fuel. If someone could help me out with this it would be much appreciated.