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  2. @Travis not yet, got some bad weather now, waiting until it clears up, I just used my TJ w a small trailer to load wood up an take it to the house this year
  3. @keyif .. good idea and we already tried that, nothing .. its still sitting waiting for me to take it in to get worked on (guy side swiped me totaled my truck and trailer, trucks back I'm still cutting and welding on trailer to replace fender and axle) but between normal work an my other 2 experimental projects (deff not the kindof talk of this thread or board) and cutting wood to keep from freezing this winter I'm to busy to work on it now .. my friends still come over with a light bulb above their head smiling -> HEY I GOT AN IDEA!!! lol
  4. I spit some Beach nut in it's eye and shot it with my ole 45 lol haven't done it yet but Im taken it out to cub cadet when I have time but I will let everyone know what it was that shut'er done
  5. @kenfain we tried that even tried a hot from battery still no power to the switch we can get lights to come on that way but nothing else .. chasing the wires is a task because there's so many and no slack in them what are friends for .. well they slip out with beer an tools and....... nothing lol we can't find the problem .. patients is at it's end haha I better drop it off at cub cadet before I push it over the hill .. everyone thinks its a secret relay hiding somewhere but no luck there either .. we're all baffled at this point
  6. Thanks for your help, Iv looked for one for hours a day, no luck an the Cub Cadet boys won't send me one like its a top secret thing lol .. you could be right but I'm unable to find anything not connected or corroded to many wires and color coding is not true .. frustratingly lost at this point I may have to take it to Cub Cadet .. grumbling!! Im sure that'll cost me but gota have it for winter hauling wood and cleaning snow from the driveway
  7. 25A fuse I was jumping to red not the red/black stripe I tried both red sent power to switch .. I'm not able to get to switch or the wires with 2 hands or even 1 hand just fingers without spending a lot of time tearing stuff apart just to get to the wires including the radiator and all that go's with it
  8. the problem I see now is there is no hot going to the switch at all I jumped it from the battery .. there must be a relay switch or something that is not letting power come the fuse box but even when I jumped the fuse box I still cant get the glow plug light to come on or starter to engage
  9. should add before this happened even with park brake pulled or in gear 1 or both everything would work except starter, oil light, glow plug light, head lights but not starter until in neutral .. now when key is on nothing, no starter, glow plug light, oil light or head lights no power to fuse box .. kind of strange but there has to be a secret hidden something I'm just not seeing here
  10. Yes it does but I don't think its the switch.. I unbolted fuse box got all the tape off the wires took out main fuse bottom 25A an ran a jumper from batt to it I can get lights to come on when I turn the key to on .. I took out the top 20A that's called the regulator fuse not sure what that means when I turn key I can get the oil light to come on but no lights .. when I jump batt to either when turning the key on the glow plug light does not come on which it does when the key is turned on even if the motor is hot an just cut off .. deff lost now lol
  11. I cant find a wiring diagram for a 2003 Cub Cadet Diesel UTV been looking for days
  12. @Vaughn Yes... I just checked fuse box I should have done this first just didn't think .. no power to main fuse in the fuse box .. this could be it .. but not sure which wire is from batt to fuse .. both wires are red bottom fuse wire has a black stripe top is all red know which one is coming from batt? this has to be it (fingers crossed maybe toes too lol)
  13. this is the wiring for the switch because of the colors I have NOOO idea which could be the constant hot to the switch this I believe is my starting point the wiring harness is so dam tight it has very little if any play for me check where they go unless I start tearing the front radiator and other stuff off
  14. @Vaughn Iv looked also and still looking with no luck too mostly Cub Cadet lawn mowers

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