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  2. i could contact them but they will just want me to bring it to a dealer and im not about to pay a ton for something i can do so i will look for some more info on the timing and see where i can get from that , thanks for your time
  3. VID_20170905_111125077.mp4 so here it is , it doesnt want to stay running long it seems like it might be out of time ?? VID_20170905_111125077.mp4
  4. yes i can but it wont be until friday at the earliest , im tied up with work until then and thanks for responding
  5. im not a 100% sure which belt it has and when its just sitting there idling its making the noise, i have not even tried to put it in gear so it sounds like its coming from the motor to me
  6. so im driving down the road at about 50 mph and the gear shift gets hit and goes into reverse , i can get it running but there is a pretty loud squeak coming from the motor , any idea what it could be ? any help would be greatly appreciated

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