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  1. steele_07

    Blue Smoke

    That's a good point, but if you take it to any mechanic around here to diagnose, 2 seals will turn into a complete engine rebuild, new rearend, fuel pump, and tires. A head gasket or fuel in the crankcase would produce a different color smoke rather than blue right?
  2. steele_07

    Blue Smoke

    So what would be a ballpark estimate on getting those replaced. I know I can get the parts for $9. What would I be looking at labor wise? I know it will vary by region, but i just need an idea.
  3. steele_07

    Blue Smoke

    No it's gas. My thoughts are that the oil needs to be warm to seep past the valve seals. The only confusing part about that is the fact that it is warm when I park it for the night, therefore it should smoke on start up in the mornings, but doesn't. And now that I think about it, the smoke on the 2nd start up actually doesn't start, or at least isn't noticeable, for a few seconds. Then, it will smoke for 2-3 minutes and it's gone.
  4. steele_07

    Blue Smoke

    Hisun 471 cc and yes it is
  5. steele_07

    Blue Smoke

    What would cause blue smoke upon startup and first little bit AFTER it has sat for a few hours AFTER being ran and warmed up. It doesn't smoke at all on the initial start up from cold. I drive it approximately a mile first thing of a morning and it sits for 3-4 hours, and when I start it up after that is the point at which it smokes. It is a 2012 Bennche Bighorn 500.