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  1. My husband has a 2009 Kawasaki 4010 Mule 4x4. He really loves it.In my eyes,he is the best rider. Yesterday,he told us it's time for an axle upgrade as there is a clicking noise from the front left axle while turning and accelerating. Bad..... I see,,,Christmas is coming up soon, many stores are on pre-Christmas sales,why not give him a surprise and send him a replacement axle as a gift ? I have been seriously considering the hex auto parts axles .https://www.hexautoparts.com/front-left-right-cv-shaft-joint-axles-set-for-kawasaki-mule-2510-3010-4010-4x4.html But most reviews of hexautoparts.com stated " great price " "arrived on time " etc ,but noting about the longevity or durability. Does anyone have any experience with the hex auto parts axles ? What do y'all think ? Thank you in advance.