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  1. I tried to search but it wasnt working, I did look before I asked. Thank you for the link
  2. Was trying to find out what type of oil filter im going to need for the t2
  3. Never mind after reading the forums here I realized the 09's have a box. Funny the manual shows a filter that looks like a k&n
  4. Is this normal on a 2009 trooper, I was going to simply put a new fram filter in it and go have fun.
  5. Thats exactly what it was. The clutch release bearing was pushing the fingers of the pressure plate into the disk, the dealer didnt even know that. The joyner rep told me about that issue and after A combination of adjustments at the peddal and at the slave I have it working perfectly. All I have to say is contacting joyner was a very good experience, they were patient and knew what they were talking about, and to top it off they authorized my friend "who is a qualified mechanic" the abiltiy to do any warranty work.
  6. I called them and they told me to bring it in tomorrow. I just dont have any faith in there very young mechanics. After all they sent it out like this. And the second problem is I have plans for my trooper this weekend, and I dont see it getting fixed that quick.
  7. Hi all Im very new to this forum, I purchase my t2 today it had 40 miles on it when i got it. The dealer told me that the clutch needed to be adjusted. I took it off my trailer and It would not go in reverse. I had to litterally shut off the trooper put it in gear then start it. When I did this you could tell the clutch was still grabbing as the trooper wanted to move as the starter turned over the engine. So I noticed that the adjustment on the bottom of the slave cylinder was set at max. I was puzzled so upon further inspection I decided to take the lever off that connect to the splined sh

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