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  2. As for servicing you could take this to a regular mechanic. The parts are reasonably priced also. I just can't say enough good things.
  3. I was kind of on the fence about joyner. UNTILL i stopped by the manufacturer here in Phoenix. AWESOME. The parts manager was super cool and gave us the total run down on the product. For 8 - 9000 you can get a 1000cc sand viper with turbo and power steering. As for the motor. Johndeer uses this same motor. I have one and would recommend you do some research. One of the good points is this is a trans driven vehicle almost any mechanic will be able to work on this motor as this is basically set up just like a car..
  4. I have a 2006 joyner 800cc sandviper. After it cut out I decided to open up the gas tank to have a look. After removing the sending unit I said wtf. The thing just crumbled , and was covered in rust. Is there anything i can just replace this with. I'm done with china.

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