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  2. So, I've learned some more about this thing. I bought the SXS from Sunbelt who leases these to construction companies. I was told they are locked down to 17 mph for construction site work. I clock 18 mph uphill by GPS. Not sure how true that is, but my contact there says this is the case. I don't see any aftermarket device attached like the dynatech thing I've seen. Could this be set at the ECM? Can the ECM be reset to Factory specs?
  3. Top end should be in spec. I'll run some cleaner through it. Maybe an injector is clogged... If that doesn't work, I might recheck the top end.
  4. Not sure I'm explaining that right. but,.. I'll start with some history. I bought the 4x4 4010 mule with a bad motor. I built the engine. Bottom end up. Fresh bearings, Pistons, etc. Cranks up and runs with no issues. However,.. doesn't seem to run faster than 20 mph and pulses at top speed like something is up with the governor. It feels like its cutting back. Climbing and pulling it seems to be fine,. It pulls hard and doesn't cut up. But on the road flat out Cuts back/Chugs/pulses/Revs. Not sure where to start. Kinda tired of thinking about it. Any Ideas? Just a mention

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