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  1. I recently had a major repair done. Clutch replaced. Now it pops when in 4 wheel drive. Not all the time. I have had this issue on and off for years. I usually back up after coming out of 4 wheel drive and that fixes it. This is a little different. 2011 Kawasaki Mule
  2. Fan, fuse and relay is good. I can inject 12 volts at relay and fan works. The sensor on engine resistance seems ok but voltage is not right. I hooked a 100 ohms resistor in hope that would trick ECU into turning on the fan relay with no luck. I need to pull ECU and check wiring and contacts for corrosion. I have unhooked battery in hopes of resetting computer. Raining now. If ECU is bad I may just install a toggle switch and run fan that way. Now that cooler weather is here the fan will not be coming on much anyway. I hope there is not another problem lurking around.
  3. Thanks. I may need to replace the thermostat also. I just found out that this model does have a temp sensor on the engine that sends information to the ECU which turns on fan thru a relay. I hope to do some more checking today if rain holds off. Thanks
  4. I have a 2011 Kawasaki mule model 4010 with gasoline engine. The cooling fan is not working. I took the front cover off and unplugged the fan and it works fine on a 12 volt battery. The fuse is good also. I am having trouble finding the temp switch. Most sources say it is on the radiator but there is not one on this model. Is in on the engine?

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