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  1. New energy 6x4 electric UTV 合并视频.mp4 http://www.farmutv.com/ https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/New-energy-6x4-electric-UTV-for_60809472667.html?spm=a2747.manage.list.2.614871d2i1yH2b FUJIAN MIJIE VEHICLE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
  2. Hi, welcome Maybe you can consider this attached electric 6x4 farm UTV. It is more powerful, more loading capacity and bigger size but cheaper than other similar products in the market. 1)Large automatic dumper bucket;Size: 154x154x32cm;Loading weight:1200kg max. 2)2 sets of 3KW motors, maintenance free, more powerful than just one 5KW motor. 3)High quality tires, fit for wild rough ground;Can be driven in 20cm thick snow field;Grade ability: 30%. 4)Saving energy with 6x12V batteries, 80 km only using 11KW/H;Maintenance-free Gel battery, temperature: -25℃to 50℃. For more information: http://www.farmutv.com/ , https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/New-energy-6x4-electric-UTV-for_60809472667.html?spm=a2747.manage.list.62.7b1371d2hrLKlx Hope it will help you.

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