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  2. Hey Gregory, Yes, I did manage to finally figure out what was causing the hesitation and stalling - the ignition coil. The thing is, when I tested the faulty coil, everything came back according to spec. It was only because there was literally nothing else that could be wrong, and I found a cheap replacement part on Amazon that I thought I would throw another part at it. After installing the new coil, the problem was solved. I assume that the original coil was faulty and when it warmed up, that's when it would begin to glitch. Oddly though, the side by side will still backfire sometime
  3. Thanks Dan B. Great suggestions. Exactly where I've been sniffing around... Fuel pump was super cheap at $40, so instead of wasting time testing pressures, I replaced it. Intermittent issue persists. Carburetor was yanked, disassembled, and thoroughly cleaned before reassembly and re-installation. I didn't find anything obviously unusual whilst in there... jets were all clean without obstruction. Intermittent issue persists. Ignition coil including the lead wire , also really cheap at $60, so I'm just gonna replace it too. Then I can be certain that any gremlins go out the doo
  4. Thanks for the tips Aussie1. The choke cable appears to be working fine, although I have not measured cable movement to ensure it is within specs. The machine is ten years old, but it has only 600 kms on it. I suppose I could check valve clearances, but I haven't largely because of the low mileage, and because it goes from running fine to flaming out. When you start it back up, it runs fine at idle as well at higher RPMs. However, once you let it idle again for a few seconds, it begins to pop a bit and then stalls. If the valves required adjustment, I imagine the problem would be more consis
  5. Hey folks. I recently acquired a pre-owned Hisun 500, carburated. And surprise... it has issues. When cold, it typically starts without any issues, but once it warms up it tends to sputter and stall out. When accelerating, you can also feel it hesitating occasionally, and when you stop or put her into reverse, she will often stall. The fuel is clean, I installed a new fuel filter, and the air filter is clean. Though the fuel pump appears to be working ok, it makes a strange knocking sound whenever power is put to it. I've never heard anything like it, and I'm not sure if its shot or jus

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