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  1. What do you mean what problems I have had asked Pedro for the letter that I sent him to give to Mario get the records from El Dorado Cycle in El Dorado Springs Missouri Records four Selector 1000 I had stuff still broke this summer with the rear end on that thing and they wasn’t fix them
  2. We bought a Hisun sector one 1000 2017 model bought it in 2018 20 some hours they put a transmission in 30 some hours they put a motor in Pedro Mario Mario‘s boss and Neil they lied would not send parts they sent a team Appear to work on it and could not speak no English at all and had a problem with it since day one and a year later still have problems the machine is a piece of crap and there is nothing Hisun will do for that machine at all except oh you’re #Warranty is out

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