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  2. avoiding the mud due to all the damage it causes to seals ,bearings , suspension & driveline. the stress it can put on a machine is huge.i dont mind going thru some mud puddles to get where i"m going but seems that many down here in Florida like to run their machines in mud , i dont enjoy that.I"v been an automotive master tech for 48 years & have seen many spend their money "fixing"carnage caused by playing in the soup then badmouthing the machine when it"s usually the fault of the nut behind the wheel.& too many 12 oz curls,lol. i carry all the needed recovery tools & some p
  3. hey Travis,to answer your question ,i own a 2012 can am commander x with many upgrades.It has been a great machine ,used for pleasure trail riding & exploring. I stay away from mud !!
  4. just joined the forum today,have been an offroader for many years ,moved into a utv about 5 years ago & enjoy it very much.we usually ride Ocala national forest g the cooler winter months,camping as often as we can & trail riding . we enjoy meeting new friends with same interests .living in the Tampa Bay area .

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