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  1. Yes I did. I replaced the cam like everyone said to do but didnt work. so I was just screwing around with the valves seeing wat it would do if I tightened them. (keep mind it has to b on top dead center). so I tightened the exhaust to no gap at all and it cranked over great so I set the exhaust to .003 and the Intake on .008 and she pers like a kitten. So i would consider checking the gap on ur valves and if the exhaust is higher than .004 then I'd recommend doing the same method
  2. OK so I tried bypassing the starter relay and it still didn't turn over any faster than before. I checked the valves and I noticed wen u set them and turn it over 180° and noticed that the valves was loose wen they was post to be tight and I turned it over again to were I set the valves and the left exaust was full tight and the right was Lil to tight and the intake was a Lil to tight anybody have any idea of wats going on. im ready to soak it in gas and strike a match to it and watch it burn
  3. Alright thank you I will try that once I get a chance and see wat happens thank you strike250
  4. I havnt tried to bypass it. The starter will get warm if u hold the key to let it get past the hard crank spot. It only has one ground wire on the engine going to the ground on the battery. It 12.8 volts going into the relay but only 4.6 volts coming out of it with only 3.4 volts at the starter it spins over bout 1/4 of the way then just creeps over really slow like its to much compression or something like I said b4 it acts like its enough current to turn over without plug but not enough to turn over with plug. And one the bolts that mounts the relay to the frame is stripped and only
  5. Valves seam to work fine and it has plenty of spark. And it cracks over real good with no plug but it cracks hard as heck with the plug in it. Its like the starter dosnt have enough curent going to it to crank it over. I've only got 3.4 volts going to the starter and 4.6 coming out of the starter selinoid. I was told it wasnt enough volts to the starter I'm completely lost and have no idea on wat else it can be. Thanks for the help guys sorry it took so long for my reply guys I just got the notifications saying y'all reied
  6. Hey guys. I have a 2009 hisun 700 I bought bout 2 weeks ago and it was running fine but was hard to start but once warm it fire rite up i took the air filter off and it was nasty so I gave it a good cleaning and it hasn't started since. Its cranking over really slow I replaced the starter. I also replaced the batery. It acts like its not releasing decompression I found a service manual on line and downloaded it and it said the intake valves setting .010-.015 mm and exhaust is .015-.020 and they all was set on .008 intake and exhaust. And the timing is set I set the intake to .012 and

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