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  2. Yes fluids are fine. I think it is dirty so will try and adjust and oil cables under the bed where they connect to transmission thanks JS
  3. I am on my second one. I got the first Trailwagon in 2008 and it has been a workhorse. It has been used for hauling and pulling. Not heavy duty but it did the job I needed on the farm. I don't need speed. Just dependability It is still in use but I got a Landmaster, a little more power and still does the job I need around the farm. Both have Honda engines and with regular maintenance and oil change they are dependable. Both are very easy to work on. I am a 68 yr old woman so I like the ease of service. My only problem with the new one is shifter problems and I may have to replace c
  4. I am having shifter problems. The gears are grinding and now it will not go into neutral. Is it easier to adjust the cables from under the hood or under the bed? Both are difficult to reach for an old woman.

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