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Landmaster opinions

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I am lookong into getting a utv to use around the hoise and farm, along with some easy trail riding. I won't be going crazy on the trails, but would like to take it into the woods some.


Has anyone had experience with an american sports works Landmaster? I can't afford and really wouldn't want to spend 8,9 or 10 k on a ranger, rhino etc... Is this a good alt? 

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I own a 2010 American Sportworks with the Subaru/Robins 285 engine. Mine runs great. There are no old garden hose gaskets or any scrap metal pieces on mine. Before I got it it was used almost daily on a farm and in a huge pecan orchard.  As far as I know there have never been any problems with this buggy at all.

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 Thing is that LandMaster and/or American Sportworks does not build the engines. Mine is a Subaru/Robins and many are Honda, B&S or Kohler engines. While I realize it is not as fast or flashy as other UTVs and rides pretty stiff this works great for what I use it for. I'm older at 60 so speed is not all that important. Mostly just cruising around in the woods , getting up some fire wood, hauling dirt or going to a tree stand or blind.

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Guys, so far I gotta say, it's pretty solid little machine.  No it's not a ranger, not the fastest. But it's just what I needed to get from the house to the barn to haul things. Pull my trailer with mulch, etc. Do what I need around the garden, and with mud tires I haven't gotten stuck yet. I'll be saving th next couple years for a bigger one, but for right now I'm happy

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I am on my second one.  I got the first Trailwagon in 2008 and it has been a workhorse.   It has been used for hauling and pulling.  Not heavy duty but it did the job I needed on the farm.  I don't need speed. Just dependability    It is still in use but I got a Landmaster, a little more power and still does the job I need around the farm.  Both have Honda engines and with regular maintenance and oil change they are dependable.  Both are very easy to work on.  I am a 68 yr old woman so I like the ease of service.  My only problem with the new one is shifter problems and I may have to replace cables.  I love the product for the price.   

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