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I am lookong into getting a utv to use around the hoise and farm, along with some easy trail riding. I won't be going crazy on the trails, but would like to take it into the woods some.


Has anyone had experience with an american sports works Landmaster? I can't afford and really wouldn't want to spend 8,9 or 10 k on a ranger, rhino etc... Is this a good alt? 

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I own a 2010 American Sportworks with the Subaru/Robins 285 engine. Mine runs great. There are no old garden hose gaskets or any scrap metal pieces on mine. Before I got it it was used almost daily on a farm and in a huge pecan orchard.  As far as I know there have never been any problems with this buggy at all.

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 Thing is that LandMaster and/or American Sportworks does not build the engines. Mine is a Subaru/Robins and many are Honda, B&S or Kohler engines. While I realize it is not as fast or flashy as other UTVs and rides pretty stiff this works great for what I use it for. I'm older at 60 so speed is not all that important. Mostly just cruising around in the woods , getting up some fire wood, hauling dirt or going to a tree stand or blind.

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Guys, so far I gotta say, it's pretty solid little machine.  No it's not a ranger, not the fastest. But it's just what I needed to get from the house to the barn to haul things. Pull my trailer with mulch, etc. Do what I need around the garden, and with mud tires I haven't gotten stuck yet. I'll be saving th next couple years for a bigger one, but for right now I'm happy

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I am on my second one.  I got the first Trailwagon in 2008 and it has been a workhorse.   It has been used for hauling and pulling.  Not heavy duty but it did the job I needed on the farm.  I don't need speed. Just dependability    It is still in use but I got a Landmaster, a little more power and still does the job I need around the farm.  Both have Honda engines and with regular maintenance and oil change they are dependable.  Both are very easy to work on.  I am a 68 yr old woman so I like the ease of service.  My only problem with the new one is shifter problems and I may have to replace cables.  I love the product for the price.   

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  That will be according to what kind of shape the engine and clutch is in. Mine is still capable and it has probably 15 years on the original engine and clutch but it has also mostly been adult driven.


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