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  2. So I checked the pressure and it is getting 40 psi. But when it sits overnight, it barely gets to 30 psi with just turning the key on. Have to turn the key on and off several times to get it up to 30 psi. Now once it is running, it will go to 40 psi. According to polaris, psi should be 45 +-/- 2. So at 40, I am a little bit low. So far have replaced the fuel pump and the fuel regulator and neither seem to made a difference on how it runs. I didn't check the pressure with the original pump on, wish I would have now. Now when you take the injectors off and just turn the key on, should fuel spray out of the injectors? I removed them and not a drop of fuel came out when I turned the key on.
  3. We have been having all kinds of fuel issues with this ranger. When you try to start it when it is cold outside, it does not want to start. It will crank over fine but doesn't start but if you stop and come back 10 minutes later or so, it will start up. But even then, it is idling real bad. Usually will die a few times before you can get going, really have to feather the gas pedal to keep it alive. Once it gets warmed up, it does start better but something still not right. Even when it is warm outside, it will start up but just doesn't idle right. I bought a fuel pump kit, not the whole assembly, just the pump and replaced that and the same thing happens. I am in the process of trying to check the fuel pressure on it but the fuel pressure gauge I got from our local auto parts store seems to be defective. Had it hooked up and can't get the gauge to show any pressure at all yet it will still start up. If it does have the correct pressure, what would be the next place to start looking at? If it doesn't have correct pressure, is there something else on the assembly that would cause low pressure? We checked the voltage on the connecter and one gets 12 volts for just a few seconds and the other one gets 4.9 volts. The other 2 show nothing. I am guessing the one with 4.9 volts is for the fuel gauge sender and the one that has 12 volts is the pump. When you take the fuel line off on the engine side and turn the key on, how far should it throw fuel out? We have taken it to 2 shops and neither one was able to do anything with it, one said there was nothing wrong. Not sure if they really did any checking or what or they just don't know what to do with it. Would the whole fuel pump assembly out of a ranger 570 work with the ranger 800? Would I be able to swap them without any issues? To buy a whole new assembly, it's around $400, don't really want to spend that much not knowing if it will fix it or not.

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