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  2. yes i purchased a whole wet clutch assembly ,as per tech at cub cadet whom i told i was gonna do it whether he suggested or not thats where he told me to start..
  3. ok so i replaced belt still have same problem with not wanting to go .......... so looking for ideas as what to replace i have attached part guide any ideas appreciated thanks Joe 550_20190506075929.pdf
  4. well was at camp tjhis weekend dont see any where in the manual about changing transmission fluid ? it has the cvt belt driven any ideas greatly appreciated ... Thanks
  5. thanks i will look into that ...
  6. ran it saturday and noticed when going in reverse engine revs up but utv doesnt seem to want to move fast enough in reverse... when in forward high or low runs fine! the 550 has 500 miles and also a new belt before we purchased utv used...its belt driven so i believe there is no adjustment for tension could belt be glazed? doesnt look to easy to get to or see Thanks Joe

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