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  1. Cub Cadet 4X4D Trail J466 Stopped running today, behaved like it was out of fuel. Low fuel warning lite was not on but I added some fuel anyway. When ignition turned on fuel pump noise was different that usual. Engine would run a bit but "run out of gas" as soon as load was applied. Fuel filter less than one season old. If it's the fuel pump where is it? If you think it's something else what might it be? Thx to anyone offering advice. I have a fair amount of mech experience but almost none with diesels. mark in MN
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  3. Need a new primary clutch. Center shaft is scored so not really repairable (although I am going to see if my tool and die maker brother can make a replacement part but that'll take too long to be a replacement option.) Dealer price for replacement is over $750! seems VERY high relative to clutch prices for other UTV's (more than double). is there a more reasonable alternate? thx mark in MN
  4. Diesel cub cadet torque converter doesn't shift. torque converter is stuck in "low". also doesn't disengage properly at idle. visual inspect reveals no obvious problem. looking for advice on troubleshooting. thx to anyone taking the time to offer advice. mark in MN

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