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  1. After reading as much as I've found, I'm leaning towards a Renegade. I want to be able to put a bench seat in the back for part of the time, and be able to carry a deer , and a tree stand, fire wood etc. Do the Renegades have all the improvements that the Trooper got, and are the 2010 line out yet? What will be the difference between the 09 and 2010? I think for half play trail riding, and half work the Renegade might be better. Can you get the Renegade with power steering or do you put it on yourself. Does anybody know a good dealer near Maryland or Delaware that stock Renegades so I could tr
  2. I have a Honda Foreman, and want to get a Joyner Trooper T2. I hope to use it in the snow in Western Md., here as a hunting utv, and in S.D. for getting me in the bad mud for phesant hunting, where my 4 wd Dodge won't go. Is there a way to increase the seating in the back, or change it to a back bed like the Polaris ranger so 2 guys could ride in the back going to and from the fields in SD? Where I live it gets dusty in the summer, and I see alot of you guys with oil type air filters. In my Cummins Diesel we found the BHAF from Donaldson works the best for fine sand, and if you over oil the oi
  3. Does anybody have a cab enclosure with heat? How do you like it? I like going to Western Md. in the snow 12-24" in the mountains. Do you think the Trooper can go in drifts 24" deep? We get the 4 wheelers stuck in the deep drifts, and after about an hour it gets mighty cold from the snow blowing in your face.
  4. I found a 2008 for $7500 with 70 miles, a 2009 new for $10,000, or a 2010 for about $11,000. What would you suggest? Is there many changes from 09 to 10 for this year?
  5. I'm looking at getting a UTV for hunting, and trail riding. I like the Polaris ranger, but have heard of alot of problems with the belt on the cvt. The Trooper T2 looks real good also, but what's the difference in model years? Should I get a used one with low hours, or save for a new one? Is there any way to get more than 2 people in one? I hunt in South Dakota 8 days a year for vacation, and would like to be able to carry 2 or 3 other guys. I don't want a T4, it seems to long for trail riding in the East, which is what I want to do most of the time.

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