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rockfish in Delaware near O.C. Md

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I have a Honda Foreman, and want to get a Joyner Trooper T2. I hope to use it in the snow in Western Md., here as a hunting utv, and in S.D. for getting me in the bad mud for phesant hunting, where my 4 wd Dodge won't go. Is there a way to increase the seating in the back, or change it to a back bed like the Polaris ranger so 2 guys could ride in the back going to and from the fields in SD? Where I live it gets dusty in the summer, and I see alot of you guys with oil type air filters. In my Cummins Diesel we found the BHAF from Donaldson works the best for fine sand, and if you over oil the oil type and you have a maf sensor like in the duramax diesel it will ruin it at $400, and if you check your intake it will have an oil and grit film. Have you had any problems? Sorry for all the ?, but I like to research alot before I sped over $10,000. Thanks Jody :)

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