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  2. Sorry if this is not the place to post for sale. I could not find Joyner for sale forum. For those that do not know the Joyner, these are $12K new retail. I just purchased this one last year and only has 139.4 miles. 1000cc with 5 speed manual transmission. Can be street legal. Already has all equipment installed. 4x4 or 2wd. Winch, LED lights. These seem more popular in the Southwest for desert riding, but we had a great time riding with our family here in NC and WV on trails and our land. It is my understanding the engine is the same engine that is in the John Deere Gator. These have super large suspension and axles. I cannot think of any other unit you can buy at this price and have 4 seats and do what this one does. I also liked that I could teach my kids how to drive a manual. email me at [email protected]

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