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  1. Hey all thanks for the suggestions. I was really looking hard at the tracker electric UTV. It had 4 wheel drive and was quiet for the neighbors. It even came with a winch. But the problem is I could not easily put a snowplow on it. I talked to reps and the tracker company and no one had any answers. I couldn't find anyone who had fabricated a snowplow on one. Plus it was pretty pricey. So I switched gears and bought an ATV, a Polaris Sportsman 450 brand new with a plow kit for around $5500 out the door. I believe the EUTV was around $9-10K. Now my wife wants an electric golf cart to go for r
  2. Airsense00


  3. I like them all and those too. I like the Landmaster Cruiser but not liking no efi and I've heard the suspension/travel is not as good as others. Also I don't know much about the reliability. The mule I like the price and warranty but it is slow. The Pioneer is a Honda which is nice but pricey. The Ranger is at the top of my list right now. Maybe adding a bolt on seat to the rear like Travis mentioned. The glacier plow system is 2 grand! I'd have to shop around for an aftermarket plow system that is crazy expensive.
  4. Is there a website to see where the auctions are? I'm in Michigan.
  5. Hi y'all, I'm looking for recommendations on my first UTV. What I am looking for: Light duty around the house, snowplowing, taking 2 adults and 2 young kids for a ride to the bus stop or down the street. I would consider a 2 seater if I could add a rear facing seat in the back. Trail riding would be very occasional. My wife wants something quiet so the neighbors don't get annoyed. Not sure about electric since battery replacement scares me. Also looking to spend around 10k new or used. So far I've researched the Mule, Ranger, Tracker off road, American Landmaster, Pioneer.
  6. Hi y'all, I am looking to buy a 2018 Textron EV or a new 2020 Tracker EV. Tracker is the new name of Textron. I'm having trouble finding a snow plow mount and kit. I want to pull the trigger and buy one but I have to have a snow plow to make it worthwhile. Any of you have the EV with a snowplow or know which mount works? Front or center mount? Thanks!

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