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Textron Off Road UTV SxS Forum

This is is for all of you Textron Off Road UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussion about Textron Off Road UTVs, including the Stampede, Prowler, Havoc, Wildcat, Wildcat X, Wildcat XX and other sub-models.

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    • You have same ecu I believe chery 472 1100cc here's a close up of obd2 wiring Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
    • This what I still have pics of for 2014 chironex komodo 1100, automatic hope it can help Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
    • I have a 2009 Trooper that when I first start it it runs great but after about a min it starts to cut out under acceleration but clears out when it gets revved up.  I downloaded the manual from   Joyner-usa.com   but it doesn't help much,  Mine doesn't have a OBD port on it and my son who is a mechanic said he can wire one in if we have a wiring diagram for the CPU but the wiring diagram of the CPU that is in the manual is for a 3 cylinder engine.  The manual talks about a MIL light that can flash out a code but I don't know where that is and even if I did find it they  don't tell me how to read it.  I have tried the coil and the map sensor and that didn't help I checked the TPS and it checks OK.  I emailed Joyner and all I got from them is there should be a OBD port on it and then they said they checked and found some don't have it,  No help from them. Anybody run into this problem or know were I can turn to get some help on this, even a good wiring diagram of the CPU would be a big help. Thanks for you help
    • 2018 Polaris RZR On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2018-Polaris-RZR-1000-XP-turbo/254167825175?
    • I can['t speak to any particular machine.  I found on my machine that the  engine oil drain plug is blocked by the skid plate.  I'll have to cut an access hole to change the oil.  That's something that no one would think to look at when evaluating any ATV, UTV or even a car.  I would recommend that you go online (YouTube) or search for "problems with Sand Viper 1100" for others who have experience with these rides.  I have, however, read that the differentials on the Joyner machines can be problematic.  I haven't experienced any problems with my ride, yet.

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