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2018 Textron Stampede 4x lift kit

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I have a 2018 Stampede 4x and I would like to put on a lift kit and I can't find one anywhere. I contacted one company and they said they don't make the lift kit any more because there was no demand for it. Does anyone have one in inventroy that I can buy?

I used my Side-by-side for hunting and it was so loaded down with gear I didn't have much ground clearence and the cross bar that holds up the skid plates got ripped off. I saw they have or had a 2" lift kit plus I could buy 28" tires instead of the 26" tires I curertnly have to give me 3" more inches of clearence. Is there any other way to get ground clearance please let me know.


Dan Beck

[email protected]

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  • Alex changed the title to 2018 Textron Stampede 4x lift kit

Hey there,

   I have a 2020 Tracker SVX1000 and am also interested in a lift so I can run larger wheels/tires with a higher offset.  My understanding is the 2108-2020 Stampede's, Havoc's (Not Havoc X) & SVX1000's are all mechanically identical....

Sidebysidestuff carried a 2" lift for $1200 at one point but they are out of stock (Link below) ... Haven't seen any other options surface yet...  :(


        I am wondering if stock Havoc X suspension parts might be close enough for a creative retrofit (Might get expensive quick if you have to lengthen shafts...).  Maybe you could find someone with old parts to play with who upgraded their Havoc X from stock...   They make some nice suspension upgrades for the Havoc X for sure... 

     Side note -  I also use mine for hunting & am installing a new muffler with additional resonator next weekend to try & quiet it down. I currently have to yell to my passengers IF they can hear me...  My local wildlife seem to lack appreciation for all the combined racket.. :)

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If I can't find a lift kit can I put the front Havoc arms on my stampede? Are they compatable and will that raise the front ground clearance up 1.5"?  Also can I put shocks that are 2"00 longer  on my stampede without worrying about the drive shafts? What are better shocks to put on that will increase the ground cleazrance and improve the smooth ride?




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