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  1. Try DEI Powersports for heat reduction. They are making some custom heat shielding packages to keep engine heat where it belongs. They make both heat reflective kits and heat expelling fan kits to push cool air in /circulate the heat back out. They don't make a kit specific to Textron / Artic Cat/ Tracker yet but you can buy the adhesive back reflective insulation and customize it to fit... Works really well to deaden some sound but especially to keep the heat from transferring into the cab... I just baked driving/especially climbing up in 105 degree heat in Hell's canyon last summer but,
  2. Hey there - There are tons of aftermarket accessory shops for your 800SX; UTVsource , sidebysidestuff , countrycat , theutvsuperstore and my personal favorite, Ebay... Amazon has some items as well. Just do a google search on 800SX accessories and go nuts. I have installed about every upgrade option you can possibly add on my 800SX TTE (other than hard doors or snow plows) and above is where I purchased 90% of my stuff. I do recommend a folding front windshield if you trailer or drive in the hot summer as it's a welcome relief to have a breeze on really hot days. There is quite a bit of

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