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  1. My 2017 Challenger and all of my previous rangers, rzrs, and rhinos did the same. Just watch where you put it in park.
  2. My 2017 cc750 takes 4 x 110 x 6 on front and 4 x 110 x 9 on rear. 14 in
  3. Received my spare airbox cover today. Drilled 8 to 10 3/4 in holes on the cover for better air flow. Next time I head for the mountains, I'll switch it out.
  4. 1,. Reduct your clutch discharge to back of cab. Help s noise and heat. 2. Insulate the top of the engine compartment with an old yoga mat. Helps noise and heat. 3. IMO, If it does not have the 2019 exhaust upgrade, be prepared to do so. The close coupled setup on the earlier models is bound to crack. 4. If you want the door top halves, try the soft set from utv parts and accessories. Well worth the $ 130.00 investment.
  5. Proves to be right in line. Found answers in various forums
  6. Can I get some responses on rpm readings in high gear at 30. 40. And 45 mph. Mine are 4k. 5k and 6k . is that normal? Thanks in advance for any reply. I should have added on level ground.
  7. Tried the wrap. After 8 miles the pipe was red. Figured it was shortening the head pipe life far too much. Removed the wrap and prefabed a shield between the headpipe and driveshaft.
  8. I installed the 2019 exhaust upgrade yesterday. Overall went very well, but my rear driveshaft / u_joints are extremely hot. Is there some sort of heat shield that should be added. TIA for any input
  9. Just returned from Colorado with my 2017 cub 750. I was very concerned since my last 3 sxs were Polaris. Overall things went well. Excluding any altitude over 11500 ft. Removed the screen at 10000 ft and the tube to the intake at 11250. From there on up could not get over 4k or 18mph. Rode and handled great. Other than cracking the cheap excuse of an exhaust system the machine did excellently. Did 100 miles the first day out.
  10. Verno


  11. Looking for information on the wheel. 4x110. 4x 115 ????
  12. If the service manual is no more informational than the owners manual, it wont be worth the trouble. I appreciate the response, but so far there is little to know information on a rig with more than 100 hours on this forum.

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