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  1. Craig was very helpful. I also put a yoga mat under the seat to muffler that noise. It all helps. Good luck
  2. Bought the cadet used. No warranty. Got the upgrade at Motorcycle Doctor in Camdenton Mo, close to $900. Dealer was closer to 1300 installed.
  3. The exhaust upgrade does not do much for the noise, it just removes the likelihood of breaking the pipe going to the muffler. Most of my noise cam from a cracked pipe. It helps to duct the air piping from the clutch to the rear of the cab. Both intake and exhaust. Mine runs 5500 rpm at 40 mph. 6000 at 45. The gas mileage was much closer to 25 mph.
  4. Ditto. Motorcycle doctor is a great resource for parts and knowledge. Very friendly and helpful.
  5. Wow, now I'm glad I traded mine out at 1800 miles and 120 hours. I was wondering if I made the right decision. Mine never gave me a bit of problems other than the exhaust. Sorry to hear your problems.
  6. There are a few on my area. The 5 seater is a big hit. Haven't heard any negative comments. Hard to go wrong with a Honda. Although I just purchased a 2020 General. I think they have the bugs worked out by now
  7. It did not seem to alter my idle speed. I wrapped mine initially, but turned red quickly. I removed wrap and installed a shield to deflect the heat from the u-joints and piped the clutch discharge air toward the exhaust pipe at the expansion pipe. You might try unplugging your exhaust temp sensor to see if it effects your idle rpm. I ran mine with it unhooked. Seemed to not make any difference. Much better exhaust system. Good move and good luck.
  8. Might try your brake light switch. If it doesn't know your foot is on the brake, same result.
  9. Mine would all work but the front diff light did not show some of the time.?????
  10. Does the turf mode / rear diff lock work? Does it send power to the front diff buy both front do not light up? Mine would lock in the front diff but not light up.
  11. My Cub challenger had efi, not a carburetor. If yours is the same, I would start with ejector or sensor.
  12. Might be worth a try. Measure eyelet diameter an length to match up an automotive or m/c shock. Save some $$. Make sure load rating is equal.
  13. Ive put 1800 miles on my 2017 Cub challenger from yardwork to Colorado mountains. Built like a truck. Nice price range, loaded with all you need. Go for the 2019 and up to get the upgraded exhaust. Only downside is top speed of 45 mph.
  14. Tire. $80. Wheel _$ 45 Bolt pattern includes 4 x 110 mm

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