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  1. jonny L

    jonny L

  2. I have a 2019 Cub Challenger. Is there such a thing as a descent plow under $500 ?
  3. Went for a nice trail ride for about 20 miles, came back, shut it off, and attempted to go for another ride. The electronic gear shifter will not go into park to start it up. It reads neutral in the park position. Disconnected the battery and reconnected and it now read Park. But, when you put your foot on the brake to start it, it goes right back to neutral. Checked everything that I could think of and decided it has to be the 17 gear position sensor. Not certain this is the issue but I bought a used one on Ebay (could not locate a new one) and will try it. Any other possibilities?
  4. jonny L


    Thanks again, looks great.
  5. jonny L


    Also, which plow did you get?
  6. jonny L


    Which enclosure did you put on it? I have a 2019 750 with the hard top.
  7. I figured that it was some sort of exhaust or intake. Thought it maybe connected to the exhaust fume issue.
  8. Thanks. My research found that Noico was the best deal for the $ but I have not ordered it yet. I have another question; On the back wall of the cab, under the bed, is a rubber/plastic hose maybe 2-3" that is not capped. Is this some type of exhaust?
  9. Thanks, that is what I figured but the first time I did it, it took about five seconds to kick in. It seemed OK after that.
  10. Jon, need a little assistance. I took out the UTV for the first time yesterday. It did not come with a manual, and will try to locate one today. What is the sequence for putting it from 2wd to 4wd?
  11. You had no choice but to fix the issue, but I would still call the company. Although they failed to notify all owners, of the recall, they will remain silent unless you call them on it.
  12. How many miles on it before this happened? I know, CC should have contacted every owner. I would contact them anyway in regards to their recall and failure to contact you. Worth a try? Does anyone know if CC upgraded the manifold/muffler system in 2019 or 2020?

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