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  2. Just bought a used Stampede. Want to get it looked over and serviced. U cant find ANYONE to work on these things. Tried Polaris, etc dealers... help. Louisville. Ky
  3. Yes. Seemed to be... The temp light was on but not blinking. It would be great if there was a description or video of the console and what was "normal" on running conditions. It's about 40 degrees here. Vehicle was running at 40 -50 mph 20 mins earlier. Stopped for about 20-30 mins an engine temp light was on that I didnt see before and it would only go like 5 mph... on the book I have it states that if engine was over heated it would blink on console... not sure. Rob
  4. Just bought new stampede for son and myself. Is there a video or guide on how to read LED monitor. Yesterday we got on it (used 2018) for 2nd time and the temp gauge came on and vehicle would only do about 5 mph?? Before then everything seemed fine. Going about 40-50 mph. I'm far from a mechanic ... I'm not sure if that temp gauge is always on or not. In the book I have it says if overheated it will blink ... ?? No clue. Help... Thx. Rob
  5. Just bought my son and I a used 2018 Stampede.... Drove it for 2 days everything seemed great. But then today, we had it sitting outside got back in to take off and it would only do like 5 mph with the gas to the floor ... WTH? Have it in high gear... I'm far from a mechanic but have no clue. Literally 30 minutes before hand we were doing 40mph. I did notice the engine light on but only had 2 bars ... he usually drives so I dont know if that is always on or not. I looked at the owners manual and it stated that the bars and backlight flash when overheated ... I have no cl

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