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I don't know the specs on the engine nor could I find them, but most single and twin cylinder 4 stroke engines aren't made to rev over 4000... Most are governed at 3600.

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    • By Waleygator
      New machine, tilt wheel won't "tilt" and I don't want to force anything.  Owner's manual says to pull pin, adjust, release pin in desired position.  I can feel the pin moving, but wheel won't lower.  Any suggestions instead of taking it all the way back to the dealer?  Thanks in advance...
    • By AvalancheAK
      Greetings all.  New to this forum, seems like the Textron area is pretty quiet but I’ll give it a try anyway.  I bought a 2017 Stampede 4 XTR last year, new but had been sitting on the lot here in Alaska.  Been pretty happy with it so far (other than oil filter access) but it’s started having an intermittent problem recently where the check engine light will flash  and the throttle pedal won’t respond properly.  Both times I was still able to drive, but would top out at about 1/4-1/3 throttle. The first time it did it, I tried clearing the codes and they came back.  But 20 minutes later I cleared and it’s been fine.  Yesterday it happened again, and I cleared them on the first try and it was fine.  Electrical connections all look fine.  The code is a P2138 , electronic throttle out of range.  Anyone else seen this?
      Ive only got about 200 miles on the machine, and I haven’t been thrashing it  
      on a side note, I’m considering a lift kit if anyone knows a good source as the long wheelbase definitely has some limitations in rough terrain?  And a front locking diff.  It seems like there isn’t a lot of aftermarket support for these machines, which is a shame as it’s a pretty good setup.  I really like the low range, and the engine braking.  Have Gone up and down some pretty long and steep mountain grades. 
    • By Michael Kinlaw
      I have a 2016 R4 and I was about to load it on my trailer and the steering just broke I think. My front wheels are both pointing outwards. Does this mean front differential broke?  I jacked it up and got them both pointing in the right direction. When up in the air they work together. But as soon as I put back on the ground and move it a few feet they separate again. 
    • By groged67
      I have an issue with my sector crew 750
       2017 EFI
      Starter engages and spins but does not turn the engine over. Does this mean a bad starter clutch. The starter is new. I started the pull of the cover where the starter clutch is located but cannot get to the back bottom bolts.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    • By Shad
      Hey y'all, just finished replacing my rear right axle on my 99 mule 550. The old one teeth rounded out where the brake drum grabs it.  But now i can't get the drum to seat on the new axle far enough,  yes i put axles side by side,  identical,  i can reverse the drum and it slides right on the axle so i know it goes on fine.  It's a really bad design anyways with such a tiny line of teeth to rely on to drive the wheel.  Does anyone know if the new brake drums have deeper teeth to grab more of the axle?? Or any ideas why im having a hard time with this damn thing? 
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    • By Alex
      bad boy off road SIDE-BY-SIDEs
      4-PASSENGER STAMPEDE XTR EPS+ $16,799 Jet Black Electric Blue Platinum DETAILSBUILD & PRICE 4-PASSENGER STAMPEDE XTR EPS $15,999 Forest Green Inferno Red Jet Black Realtree Xtra DETAILSBUILD & PRICE 2-PASSENGER STAMPEDE EPS+ $15,599 Platinum Jet Black Inferno Red Electric Blue DETAILSBUILD & PRICE 2-PASSENGER STAMPEDE EPS $14,799 Jet Black Forest Green Inferno Red Pure White Realtree Xtra DETAILSBUILD & PRICE 2-PASSENGER STAMPEDE $13,799 Forest Green Inferno Red DETAILSBUILD & PRICE 4-PASSENGER RECOIL iS CREW $14,999 Matte Black Flame Red White Realtree Max-5 Realtree Xtra DETAILS 2-PASSENGER RECOIL iS $13,999 Matte Black Flame Red White Realtree Xtra Realtree Max-5 DETAILS 4-PASSENGER RECOIL iS $14,307 Matte Black Flame Red White Realtree Xtra Realtree Max-5 DETAILS 2-PASSENGER RECOIL $9,949 Matte Black Flame Red White Realtree Xtra Realtree Max-5 DETAILS 4-PASSENGER RECOIL $10,257 Matte Black Flame Red White Realtree Xtra Realtree Max-5 DETAILS 2-PASSENGER AMBUSH iS $14,999 Matte Black Flame Red White Realtree Xtra Realtree Max-5 DETAILS 4-PASSENGER AMBUSH iS $15,414 Matte Black Flame Red White Realtree Xtra Realtree Max-5 DETAILS  

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