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  2. What's the big deal with using the seat belt? We have to buckle up everyday in the car. Seen too many accidents not to wear mine. It's an individual's choice
  3. As a prior owner of an Orion Reeper, I would not recommend buying one. They are cool looking, road ready, but the quality is not there and the price is up there.
  4. Hi All, Have a stock 2017 Stampede 4 door XTR. Looking for a spare tire, such as a front stock setup. Quoted from the dealer at $366.00. For a thousand bucks I can get a whole after market setup of 4 and use my original front for a spare. My stockies are 27x9r14 and 27x11r14's. I was thinking of going to 29's. Does anyone know if they will fit with no rub? All the dealers don't know. If anyone has an extra front wheel/tire they want to get rid of ? TIA Hubba

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