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  1. Get a boat trailer wheel chock and use it. The shifter cable is rather fragile where it connects up front just past the dash. I bent mine in two rocking it back and forth when I found myself high centered the second day I had it. There are many aspects I like about my Stampede and many I don’t. It’s too loud and no one makes an after-market system to quieten it. It needs more ground clearance. The motor puts off too much heat. I have to admit I’ve had buyers remorse.
  2. They need to switch to linkage shifting as opposed to the cable they now use as it can bind up under stress.
  3. My 900 Stampede has been the same way since day 1. It doesn’t like up or downhill parking. You have to jerk it out of park and it makes me sick to do it. It gets bound up parking on an angle and I wish they’d find a fix for it. The best thing to do is leave it in gear. If you park uphill, leave it in Drive. Downhill, reverse. That’s what I do anyway.
  4. I have a Bad Boy Stampede 900 and would like to know if anyone sells a seatbelt by-pass for the accelerator.

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