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Bad Boy Stampede 900 Seat Belt By-Pass

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Is this something that could be solved by buckling the belt behind the driver? I just hate all the lawsuit driven safety measures. My 2005 mule goes 25 mph in high gear. Still has a seat belt though, with the original rubber band on it. Rarely goes over 15 mph. Never saw the need. The good news is, that most useless safety measures can be overridden pretty easily. Typically just a simple sensor, that can be overridden by a jumper wire. Least ways that's how it works on my rider mowers.  It all depends on what the manufacturer has put in, and how serious they are with it. 

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On mine, the accelerator limiter is tied to the actual buckle. When a seat belt (or extender wink wink) is plugged into the buckle attached to the UTV, it acts as if the seat buckle is connected.  Not too sure they are all that way, however if you really dont want to use the safety equipment (not recommended), this would be a work around as the extender can stay plugged in all the time. And, if you have a revelation about using the safety gear, (All The Gear All The Time ATGATT)you can just attach your seat belt to the extender.

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