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  2. Bruceg what width are you running? I’m curious if I can get 28 or 29x11 on both the rear AND front.
  3. I haven’t minded the heat much so far. It seems to come out of the nose from the radiation more than the engine room it feels like. When I first bought it I initially thought it was decently quiet. Then I put a roof on it, and I think that was a major factor in the sound reverberating in the cab. It was pretty obnoxious for a while. What I did that definitely helped a fair bit : insulated under the rear seat and around the sides of the rear seat with reflectx bubble wrap foil insulation. Just cut and layer pieces in there. Stuffed one in from under the bed on top of the engin
  4. I was excited to read this, as my machine is the same way. Get's really tight to pop out of park when on a hill (ie the park pawls in the transmission are holding a load) What you describe is exactly what I do with my Prowler, as the parking brake on that machine is just junk. Leave it in L or H if its facing downhill, leave it in R if uphill. Not sure why I didn't think of trying that with the Stampede. I tried it yesterday and my machine just rolls in gear (with the engine off of course), so no luck for me.
  5. It's a fly by wire throttle. Not your standard cable actuated throttle valve. If it's like my Skidoo 900 ACE machines there is no TPS, since the throttle body is told by the ECU on behalf of the electronic throttle what position to hold. The codes I pulled off the machine were for a bad range on part of the electronic throttle pedal. via my googling a while back, The P2138 trouble code indicates that the Engine Control Module has detected a malfunction within the D and/or E circuits of the pedal position sensor.
  6. Greetings all. New to this forum, seems like the Textron area is pretty quiet but I’ll give it a try anyway. I bought a 2017 Stampede 4 XTR last year, new but had been sitting on the lot here in Alaska. Been pretty happy with it so far (other than oil filter access) but it’s started having an intermittent problem recently where the check engine light will flash and the throttle pedal won’t respond properly. Both times I was still able to drive, but would top out at about 1/4-1/3 throttle. The first time it did it, I tried clearing the codes and they came back. But 20 minutes later I clea

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