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  1. Hi Travis, I want to take a moment and say thank you for your time to help me figure out the problem with my Stampede.  It wound up being a cam sensor a local repair shop figured out.  I ordered one through Country Cat which is a great source for many makes and had it in two days.  So thanks again Travis for your help.  Paul

  2. Hello Cliff, I wanted to say thanks again for taking time to help me out. I had to take it to a local ATV shop and hope for the best. They figured it out! It was a bad cam sensor and it caused several other codes to be displayed as well. The common error was the cam sensor. I ordered one through Country Cat (a great source for many makes and they are helpful as well) and had the part it 2 days and all is good for now.... Thanks again Cliff . Paul
  3. Thank you for another most welcome suggestion Cliff. I hope to check all of your suggestions this weekend. I have looked around the engine compartment and it is pretty tight with all wiring covered, so I hope I can find the connections........ I will post what I find or cannot find. Thanks again for taking time to help me out... Paul
  4. Cliff, thank you so very much for taking the time to show me some possibilities that could be the cause my issue. I will do my best to sort it out with your most welcome help. I have checked the main grounds and connections to frame grounding and they are all tight and seem to be in good condition. I will certainly take your advice and do my best to check things out. Thanks again Cliff, I really appreciate your help! Paul
  5. Bought a used Textron Stampede 4 with 30 hours. Engine quit and will not start. CodesP0031, P0261, and P0264 showing. Closest dealer is 100 miles away. Sure would appreciate any help with what the fix may be. Thank you, Paul

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