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  2. I have done some research on different forums and found that many people are having problems with shfting and pop outs under load. It seems the most common problems stem from pop outs under load. Let me explain. Going up hill in high and the gear pops out of gear. Plowing snow in Low in 4 X 4 mode and the gear pops out. At first the shifting from Low to High is stiff, then it loosens up but then the indicator lights don't go on when in High. You adjust the link arm and now the Low to High works well but you have lost the indicator light for reverse, and so on! I have had to adjust mine a number of times and yes it is very frustrating! Any help with pictures would be of significant help. Here are the pictures of my linkage.
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    Good morning! I am a NorthEastern from Canada, Quebec, southeast Quebec, in a very small town called Thetford Mines where many years ago Johns Mannville used to operate the asbestos mines! It is quite scary here since they closed down the mines and a large number of Americans started suing everyone associated with asbestos products for damages. As a new member to the UTV Board you should know I am 71 and in relatively good health, surprising, considering where I live. Other than the big hole that the Americans dug up and the miles and miles of rubish they left, it is a very beautiful place. For the last 20 years I live on a 110 acre piece of land that used to be a farm. The fellow that owned it is now over 80 and in fact the average age of Thetford is possibly 75. (Not certain) All I know is they appear older than I am. I also noticed that a lot of Americans that are suing for asbestos damage are also in their 70's and 80's. I guess asbestos kills slowly. Anyway, we enjoy our cottage and our unanimalled farm and get a lot of pleasure from cutting down a tree now and then to make wood or burn in our woodburning stove. The smell is wonderful when we go out in our snowshoes. P.S. we only cut down dead trees or trees that have fallen so please forgive us if there are any bleeding hearts that feel we are in the deforestation business. I have two kids and five gandkids, great, wonderful people! They enjoy both the cottage and the farm with a sailboat, skiing boat, skidoo and of course a couple of UTV's. Both of my machines are chinese made as are most other UTV's. Of course the American UTV's are American or are they? I understand many name brands have most of their parts made in China! Anyway, I used to be an executive who has now turned into a lumber man, sailer, snowshoer, gardiner and an avid UTV er! These side by side vehicles are wonderful, we get to enjoy going out as a family! I hope to get vital information that will help me maintain my vehicles from this site and I will also contribute on occassion as I find solutions to problems that relate to UTV's.

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