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  2. I have done some research on different forums and found that many people are having problems with shfting and pop outs under load. It seems the most common problems stem from pop outs under load. Let me explain. Going up hill in high and the gear pops out of gear. Plowing snow in Low in 4 X 4 mode and the gear pops out. At first the shifting from Low to High is stiff, then it loosens up but then the indicator lights don't go on when in High. You adjust the link arm and now the Low to High works well but you have lost the indicator light for reverse, and so on! I have had to adjust mine a numbe
  3. Toys+


    Good morning! I am a NorthEastern from Canada, Quebec, southeast Quebec, in a very small town called Thetford Mines where many years ago Johns Mannville used to operate the asbestos mines! It is quite scary here since they closed down the mines and a large number of Americans started suing everyone associated with asbestos products for damages. As a new member to the UTV Board you should know I am 71 and in relatively good health, surprising, considering where I live. Other than the big hole that the Americans dug up and the miles and miles of rubish they left, it is a very beautiful place. Fo

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